We're the Brewer family.

We love books. We've been writing, reading, designing and editing for over a hundred years.

Books are more important than ever. In a busy, distracted world, a real book is an oasis. Books change the way we think. They stretch our attention spans, challenge our opinions, transport us to other worlds. People who read books are more curious, more rational, and more kind.

We're building a place for books and the people who love them.

A place for community, right here in our beloved Nob Hill.

A place away from the distractions of home and work.

A gateway to other lands, a secret portal to the world of the book people.

We're on a journey. Come with us.


We couldn't have done this alone. Our community donated books, thoughts and labor through the whole process.

Some who helped:

Rex AllenderJennifer BarolJanet Blair-WellsDr. Becky BrahmSally BreederAnne P. BrowneBradley Bumgarner-KirbyGopa and Jan CampbellAlfred L. ClemmonsStacy CamachoLilli and Dayna DiamondMary DudleyMark DykeHal FullerAmanda Fuller RichardsA.J. and Jeanene GibbsJason GibbsMarla Hart ClarkPhyllis Hoge ThompsonJudy JenningsConnie JonesKathy Jones CaffreyChristy Jones EverettJerry LaneBetty LansdowneAlison LemonisRev. Brian MerrittLaurie MouyLaura MuddGus PedrottyMark PedrottyCharles PiechotaSarah ReedTameron ReynoldsJay D. RosenblumIn Memory of Ruth Ellen SimmsVivia SparklerMargaret TesslerMichael ThomasJudith Walker BrueschMargaret WhiteDan and Denise WilliamsLinda WilsonPatricia Wood Smith
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