Saturday Mar 7, 2020

Schools and Society: In Defense of Public Educationwith Emanuele Corso

Educator Emanuele Corso discusses his new book, "Schools and Society: In Defense of Public Education," in which he uses New Mexico as a case study of the increasing pressure to privatize education.

Public schools and public school teachers have come under increasing attack in the past two decades as business interests set their sights on public education as a market to be exploited. In Schools and Society, Dr. Corso uses New Mexico as a case study to shine a spotlight on corporate efforts to undermine and privatize an institution that has strengthened American democracy for hundreds of years. Without turning a blind eye to its faults, Dr. Corso vigorously defends public education as one of the nation’s finest and most vital achievements, one that must not be trifled with lest the future of our democracy be put at risk.

Dr. Corso taught Schools and Society and Radical School Reform at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, where he took his PhD. His essays on politics, education, and the social contract have been published at NMPolitics, Light of New Mexico, Grassroots Press, World News Trust, Nation of Change, and ColdType, and on his own website.

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