Sunday Mar 1, 2020

A Beautiful Time / Retaggiowith Ella Joan Fenoglio

Ella Joan Fenoglio signs and discusses her two books: "A Beautiful Time," a memoir of her mother's final days, and "Retaggio," a fun story about the search for her father's birthplace in Italy.

"A Beautiful Time": A daughter runs a race and discovers her mother's love, setting the stage for an intimate memoir of life stories. This is the story of Virginia Fenoglio, about that summer and the years before, her house, her husband and her children. It all came together in those last few months of her life. Mom's dying, it turned out, was a beautiful time. This volume of heart-warming stories provides support to those who have a loved one ill from cancer, AIDS or any other lingering illness.

"Retaggio": Americans are enchanted by Italy, its food, wine and people. Retaggio, Discovering Italian Heritage by Ella Joan Fenoglio is a first-hand account of the tastes, sounds, smells and sights of Italy that will activate the readers senses. In Retaggio, which means heritage, Fenoglio shares the story of her search for her father's roots in northern Italy and her travels illuminate the many colorful aspects of the country. The book features recipes as well as up-close accounts of small town life and famous tourist spots such as Florence, Verona, Siena and the Amalfi Coast.

Ella Joan Fenoglio lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where she is an author, a children's lawyer, a cancer volunteer. She runs a half-marathon each year.

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